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Custom Game Dice Reaches Funding Goal In Less Than A Week

Easy and Affordable Custom DiceOne of the latest Oklahoma Kickstarter surprises happened this past week. After publishing our April 7th crowdfunding report, a new campaign popped up, one for a service that creates custom six-sided game dice. Within days, this campaign was well on its way to success. By the end of its first week, it was completely funded.

What really got my attention with this campaign was its relationship to games I have worked on recently. As a developer under Divine Knight Gaming, my March One Game A Month project was a computerized board game. This game, if made physical, could really benefit from a set of custom dice. Another game I am working on, Demon’s Hex, also uses a set of custom game dice or more accurately a spinner for many of its features.

While those are both video games, the very thought of making dice based games had me excited to see this project. Now that it has already been successful at reaching its goal, the creators are already thinking about where to take it next via stretch goals. Even without the stretch goals, the campaign is already a great success. There are already a wide variety of designs shown off on the campaign page and in updates. It is well worth checking out and supporting. For only $12 you can get 6 custom dice, a great deal.

We are very excited by this latest crowdfunding success and look forward to seeing how it inspires the tabletop and board game communities locally and around the world.

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