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Divine Knight Continues One Game A Month Challenge For March And April

Board Game Quest by Divine Knight GamingI am continuing my coverage of Divine Knight Gaming’s effort to create one game a month, for the challenge of the same name. I missed timely coverage of March’s game and felt I better get on with covering it and April’s game before we ended up with May’s game on the docket. So with that out of the way, we have a couple of interesting games to show you.

For March, Divine Knight Gaming created a game called Board Game Quest. This game is a tactical board game prototype with a fantasy setting. Inspired by the Lego Heroica series of board games, it features four warrirors on a quest to defeat a demon at the center of the dungeon. Each character has its own unique ability that will come more into play as the game moves from prototype to full fledged multiplayer game.

TheĀ biggest lesson that we can learn from this game’s development is the following:

One final lesson, I would like to share. I really need to begin work on these earlier in the month. I waste a lot of time in the first 2-3 weeks and it cuts into the time I could be using to make these changes I always write about. Had I started work on this a week or two before I did, It could be a full multiplayer board game right now. That would be awesome. However, now that I have this prototype together, that could still happen and it will be great.

This lesson leads us into April’s game.

Easter Egg Toss by Divine Knight GamingFor April, Divine Knight went with an Easter theme and created Easter Egg Toss. Due to external factors, the game was not as full featured as they would have liked, but it is at least a playable game, which is all that matters for the challenge.

The main lessons from both of these games is that the more time you set aside to make a game, the better it will be. Both games suffered from a lack of time spent in development. But sometimes we can’t control the amount of time we have to work on our side projects. Other issues come into play that pull us away from things we would much rather be doing. In those cases, the best thing we can do is to suck it up and do what we can.

Other times, the lack of time is something of our own making. Instead of working on our projects, we spend time on the internet or with other distractions. We procrastinate and we stumble because of it. In times like that, we really need to step back and reexamine our priorities and push aside the things we know are getting in the way of the more important things in our lives.

So take that as the lesson to learn from these two games. If you have control of your time, use it wisely, if you don’t make due with what you have.

Full disclosure: I am the creator of these games and a co-owner of Divine Knight Gaming.

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