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From Soy Sauce Accepted As An Official WiiU Developer

Oklahoma has its first official WiiU developer as of today. In an update posted to Facebook, From Soy Sauce co-founder Kevin Higuchi posted the news that Nintendo called to let them know they were accepted to develop for the WiiU.

Alright guys, believe it or not but our company, FromSoySauce, has officially been given the rights to develop games for Wii U by Nintendo…WHAT!?!? No, Seriously, Nintendo called me 5 minutes before my class to tell me they’d love to have FromSoySauce develop games for the Wii U. Thank you for all your support up to this point guys!!!!! Time to literally step up our games!!!!!

Later, FSS’s founder added:

My little dev team, From Soy Sauce has gotten the approval from NINTENDO to make Wii U Games! 15 years ago there was a boy, whom if you’d ask what he wanted to do, he would only give 1 answer: “Make Nintendo Games.”
…. CHILDHOOD ACCOMPLISHED!!! And I don’t even have a degree.

They submitted their request a couple of months ago when Nintendo sent out a request for developer applications. Needless to say, they are excited to learn their application was accepted.

The first game they plan to release on the WiiU is their current project, Touhou Super Smash Battles. It is currently being developed using Unity3D and thanks to a partnership between Nintendo and Unity, FSS will have an easy time porting it to the console.

FSS plans on releasing an official trailer for Touhou Super Smash in January.

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