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Month: October 2015

UPDATE: Zems Alpha And Kickstarter Delayed Until November

Zems by Impulse LimitedDue to some unexpected bugs, Impulse has delayed its alpha and Kickstarter until November. They explain the details in a post on their Facebook Group:

We’re officially postponing the alpha to November 14 (3 weeks from now).

Here’s the short version of what happened: We put a lot of features on our plate, and while we did get them developed, we didn’t plan enough time to account for bugs and problems. Moving forward, we are going to allot more time to testing and stability, which is why we are delaying by 3 weeks. I’ll be sending an email soon to everyone about this.

EDIT: Our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns are also postponed to Nov 16. We hope you continue to support us as we move forward with this project.

Our original report on the alpha and Kickstarter is below.

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Curse Of The Crescent Isle: Classic Platforming Done Well

The Curse of the Crescent Isle by Adam MoweryLast time I wrote about The Curse of the Crescent Isle, I had only played a bit of it at Super! BitCon. I wasn’t very good at playing it at the time, but thanks to a free copy of the game given to me by Adam Mowery, I have had the time to get better at it.

First up, this game has some really great graphics. It is a massive improvement over its original release on XBLIG. The art and animations are very well done and the sprites and environments meld seamlessly together. If this were the late 90s you would be forgiven if you mistook the game for an official SNES game. The art style is consistent and very nice to look at. 

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