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Oklahoma City Based Goldfire Fires Off Casino RPG Kickstarter

Earlier last week, Goldfire Studios announced the opening of its Kickstarter campaign for Casino RPG, the latest game from the studio. This campaign has been live for about a week and has raised over $6,500. With it funding goal of $20,000, Goldfire seems well on its way to reach and potentially exceed its target.

Casino RPG will be a free to play game that promises to offer a fair paid experience, meaning it will not be “pay to win”. The game will focus its core gameplay around building a career in the casino business starting at the bottom and working your way up to a multi-casino empire. What makes this game more than a tycoon style game is the multiplayer and social aspects. Not only can you build a casino and have players explore it and play the games, you can also visit the casinos of other players and try to win big.

Another interesting aspect of this game is the underlying technology is built on the platform commonly referred to as HTML5. According to the Kickstarter, this technology was chosen as it allows players on all compatible devices to play the same game with the same experiences. With the growing popularity of HTML5 in the game landscape, this puts Goldfire at the forefront of this new market.

CasinoRPG is built with the latest in web technologies, often grouped under the term HTML5. What this means for players is that there is no need to download the game, run Adobe Flash, open a Java applet or install a plugin like Unity Player. You simply point your browser (on virtually any modern device) to the CasinoRPG website, and you are instantly loaded into the game world, right where you left off. This allows us to do some amazing things that have never been possible before, like providing the same great game experience across devices, while being able to play with your friends in real-time, no matter what device they are playing from.

We wish Goldfire and Casino RPG the best of luck in the coming weeks and hope that this Kickstarter reaches its funding goals.

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