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Bonozo Apps Successfully Funds Top Caster Emote Wars On Kickstarter

Top Caster Emote Wars by Bonozo AppsLast week, Oklahoma saw its first successful video game Kickstarter campaign of 2016. Bonozo Apps launched a Kickstarter campaign for Top Caster Emote Wars (also known as Top Caster Emoji Wars) and it successfully raised $3,135 exceeding its goal of $2,500. This is the first ever crowdfunding campaign launched by Bonozo Apps and it is great to see that they were able to successfully fund the game.

Emote Wars is a spin off title of Bonozo’s current project Top Caster, which it develops live on Twitch. The game features many popular Twitch streamers’ emotes in a dodging battle of sorts.

Top Caster: Emoji Wars is a fun and entertaining game using many of the well known emojis from Twitch TV. The game features an incredible easy to use interface, and it looks great. There’s already some great casters who have joined in to this project, and agreed so we can use their emotes in the game. In return their twitch is featured when people play with their emotes. Some casters worth mentioning: Lirik, SodaPoppin, ManVsGame, Brotatoe, Thundercast, CohhCarnage, Ellohime and more!

The game: 2 emojis, one from each side moves in towards center. Your job is to decide which is bigger and tap his side to initiate a jump from the big guy. The little emoji can’t jump high enough to clear the other one, and the face slams together.  The game bases upon reaction time, fast decision making and timing.  You’ll keep playing as long as you keep the emojis from colliding.

Emote Wars will also feature an array of game features from leaderboards and achievements to unlockables and weapons. It will be released on iOS, Android and Windows phone (thanks to reaching the $3,000 stretch goal).

Emote Wars does not have a public release date as of yet, but the estimated delivery date for backers who get the game is July of this year. To follow development news of Emote Wars and Bonozo’s other projects, you can follow Bonozo Apps on Twitter.

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