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Curse Of The Crescent Isle: Classic Platforming Done Well

The Curse of the Crescent Isle by Adam MoweryLast time I wrote about The Curse of the Crescent Isle, I had only played a bit of it at Super! BitCon. I wasn’t very good at playing it at the time, but thanks to a free copy of the game given to me by Adam Mowery, I have had the time to get better at it.

First up, this game has some really great graphics. It is a massive improvement over its original release on XBLIG. The art and animations are very well done and the sprites and environments meld seamlessly together. If this were the late 90s you would be forgiven if you mistook the game for an official SNES game. The art style is consistent and very nice to look at. 

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Review: Blue Beacon, A Retro Style Platformer By Adam Mowery

Blue Beacon by Adam MoweryDebuting on the PC and Xbox Live Indie Games—at only $1.00!—AdamTheOtaku has succeeded in adding his retro 2D platformer, Blue Beacon to the blossoming list of video games developed by Oklahomans.

In Blue Beacon, players take control of Sasha in a quest across three worlds, each with four stages, to collect three ‘Discs of Power.’ From the moment you begin the first stage you’re treated to an immediate homage of the beginning 1-1 stage to the original Super Mario Bros.—no doubt telling you what sort of game Blue Beacon will be. Continue further in the game and you’re treated to allusions of other early console platformers such as Kid Icarus, Kid Chameleon, Adventure Island, Bonk, and so on. Yet adding its own personality, Sasha collects diamonds instead of coins (with 100 granting an extra life) while enemies like Goombas and Koopas are replaced by ladybugs and pillbugs. Meanwhile each of the three worlds possesses an insect themed power-up headgear to aid Sasha in better traversing them, such as the beetle helmet to crash through obstacles, the butterfly helmet to glide short distances across terrain, and the grasshopper helmet to super jump up and over both.

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Blue Beacon Launches on XBox 360 And PC

Blue Beacon by Adam MoweryAbout two weeks ago, Adam Mowery launched his latest XBLIG game Blue Beacon. This latest game is a side scrolling platformer featuring a protagonist going up against an army of bugs. The game features a variety of bug themed powerups to aid you in your quest.

The game is available for purchase now for $1 on the XBox 360 Indie Game Marketplace and also for Windows PCs. Adam is currently working on a PSVita build of the game as well.

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XBox Indie Game Developer, Adam Mowery, Answers Some Questions

After the first Game Developers Meetup, I followed up with some of the developers I met there. One of which is Adam Mowery. A few years ago, Adam created a game for XBox Live Indie Games titled Curse of the Crescent Isle. You can see the game trailer below.

I asked him a few questions about his experience and this is what he had to say:

Do you have any sales data you would like to share? Such as how many copies you have sold, how much money you have made, sales peaks etc? 

I think I ended up selling something around 1500 copies. I used to check it regularly but I don’t really bother anymore. I got about 80 cents on the dollar for that. A certain percentage went to the Daniel Davis ( who did the music and I paid a $99 a year fee to develop on the Xbox, I don’t remember how much was left.

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