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Defeat The Fairies, Save The Kingdom, Back Gnomes Vs Fairies on Kickstarter

Gnomes vs Fairies on Kickstarter NowGnomes vs Fairies has been on Kickstarter for a week and needs you to defeat the evil fairies that conspire to keep this game from coming out. So far there are enough backers to get the game to nearly 19% of its goal but it needs more brave gnomes to fight the good fight.

When we last left Gnomes vs Fairies it was in an early beta and still had a number of issues to work through. Leading up to the Kickstarter, Dano has been hard at work fixing a number of the issues I had noted and it has been greatly improved. It still has a lot of areas that need polish, but that is what this Kickstarter campaign is all about.

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Gnomes Vs. Fairies Is Greenlit, Let’s Review It

Gnomes Vs. Fairies by Dano KablamoJust a few weeks ago, Dano Kablamo of Prismic Studios  put his game Gnomes Vs Fairies up on Steam Greenlight. The game already had a bit of a cult following on sites like Reddit and apparently, that following carried over to Greenlight and the game was greenlit after about 3 weeks on the service.

I spent some time playing the latest version of the game available for download at the Prismic’s website. While the game is still in a very early stage of development, it shows a lot of promise.

GvF stars a gnome on a mission to free his fellow gnomes from the clutches of an evil and insane fairy king and his fairy and monster forces. There is a lot of variety to the monsters from bats, to blocky monsters that look similar to Meatboy and large plant monsters.

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