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Month: June 2014

Winter Stories Studio Releases Run Frosty Run Trailer; Also Giveaway Promo For Other Games

Late last week, Winter Stories Studio launched the trailer for their next mobile game, Run Frosty Run. This endless runner stars a snowman sliding down the snow covered mountain side, dodging trees, cliffs and other obstacles. All in the name of collecting snowflakes. What do you do with those snowflakes? Buy awesome new hats, of course.

I got the chance to see more of this game in action this past Thursday at the OK Game Developer Meetup. It looks amazing. Each snowman has a unique look and personality and the customizable hats are a lot of fun ranging from fedoras and fezzes to quailman and traffic cones.

Leading up to the release of this game, Winter Stories is partnering with Oklahoma Game Development to give away promo codes for their other games, Pale One, Pale One HD, and Pull!, for the iOS. We have two codes for each game and will be giving one or more away each day this week. So watch our Facebook Group, Twitter, Google+ and this site for your chance to win.

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Surviving A Team Based Game Jam – Tips From The Space Driller Team

Game jams have been growing in popularity among indie developers and even professional game developers. They are a great opportunity to step away from your current project(s) and comfort zone and make a game you might not have tried making otherwise. They can expand your skillset, your creativity and your career.

With this potential, it is often necessary to take a further step and try performing a game jam with a team rather than as a solo effort. But how does that work? How can you go from working alone to working with a team overnight? Luckily, we have had one such team recently who made a wonderful game for Ludum Dare, the Space Driller team, who took the time to share some tips.

When writing about the game last time, I asked some questions about the team experience and received some great responses from each member. Despite not all of them having worked together before, these guys really pooled their talents together and came out with a great game. So what made this possible? Let’s find out.

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Game Review: Pull! Skeet Shooting By Winter Stories

Pull! Skeet Shooting by Winter Stories StudioWinter Stories Studio is a young up and coming game development studio here in Oklahoma. They have already created and released two games for mobile devices. They are currently working on their third game as you read this. I had recently met one of the game developers behind this studio and decided to take a closer look at one of their games.

Pull! is a skeet shooting game that is available for Android devices. It comes in two versions, a free ad supported version, which is the one I played, and an ad-free version for $0.99. Both version are the same except for the ads. The ads in the free version are minimal and not really intrusive. So don’t worry about that.

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Divine Knight’s May One Game Failure

As we all very well know, not all game development efforts are going to be a success. There are times when even the most basic of games cannot get done or just don’t turn out right. In these situations, we simply must buck up and take what we can learn from them and do better next time.

Divine Knight Gaming had just one of those experiences in their efforts to create one game a month. In the month of May, they set out to make a Bomberman clone but due to issues outside of game development, they were unable to complete it. However, there are two things they learned while making this game.

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Game Review: Blox Blast By F5 Games

Blox Blast by F5 GamesEvery once in a while, I find a game from a game developer that I did not know about before. Often I find these guys through sites like Twitter and Facebook because those in the Oklahoma game development community find and share them. So I have come to love those tools for the power they have in bringing fresh games into my sights.

One recent game developer I found is F5 Games. These game developers, based in Tulsa, have released a handful of iPhone and Android games over the last year. So I took a look at the games and found myself playing a lot of Blox Blast. Blox Blast was released in October 2013, and is available for free on both the iPhone and Android app stores.

For those familiar with puzzle matching games, you will be able to figure out this game quite easily. The goal is to build up your score by building blocks of at least 2×2 to clear them. You do this by sliding rows and columns around the board. When you create a block, it flashes, gives you points and clears out. Then more blocks fall in its place. Think of it like playing a Rubik’s Cube but as matching puzzle game.

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