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Oklahoma Game Development Posts

Only 5 Days Left To Get In On The Chicken Run Action

Chicken Run by Pround GamesOver on Kickstarter, we have another great game that is on the last few days of its run towards success. Chicken Run, by Pround Games, was successfully funded last week for $5,000 and is still kicking. This game has reached 105 people so far and the designers are looking to reach at least one of their stretch goals by the end of the week.

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Bonozo Apps Successfully Funds Top Caster Emote Wars On Kickstarter

Top Caster Emote Wars by Bonozo AppsLast week, Oklahoma saw its first successful video game Kickstarter campaign of 2016. Bonozo Apps launched a Kickstarter campaign for Top Caster Emote Wars (also known as Top Caster Emoji Wars) and it successfully raised $3,135 exceeding its goal of $2,500. This is the first ever crowdfunding campaign launched by Bonozo Apps and it is great to see that they were able to successfully fund the game.

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BitBout Is Your New 64×64 Multiplayer Gem

Bit Bout by Okay BenjiAre you looking for a fun new way to shoot the breeze with your friends? Something that doesn’t take too much of your time or require long boring tutorials while still retaining all the fun possible? Then you should give BitBout by Okay Benji a try.

BitBout was made during’s 64×64 Jam. That means, the games had to be playable with only a viewing area of 64×64 pixels. BitBout is based on a prototype developed by Benji Kay and expanded on with the help of artist Adam Bing.

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Cosmic Wandering Takes The Show At VR Jam

Cosmic WanderingA couple of weeks ago, a few local developers took part in the VR jam. The goal of the jam was to make something for a VR headset that fit the theme of “shapeshift”. To compete, Brady Wright of Tekton Games teamed up with Mack Savala of Critical Code and Jordan Newman to make Cosmic Wandering.

The game has a simple premise. “Wander on a cosmic journey through a psychedelic environment where you must solve puzzles which cause the world around you to change shape.” You can see a video of the game in action below.

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Wilde Life Volume One Successfully Funded For Over $87k

Wilde Life Volume One by Pascalle LepasYesterday, the Kickstarter campaign for Wilde Life Volume One closed successfully, having raised $87,517 with a goal of $20,000. This successful campaign has come with a number of interesting things to take away.

First, with over $87k raised, Wilde Life is the 4th most successful campaign coming out of Oklahoma in Kickstarter history. Wilde Life also brought in 2,297 backers, which puts it as 3rd in Oklahoma for total number of backers. This is quite impressive. Its most popular tier was $25 for the physical copy of the book.

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From Soy Sauce Releases Moving Video About Inspiration And Dreams

From Soy Sauce has been an avid user of YouTube to promote their games for years. The past two years have seen them use it as a way to communicate with fans and give us a glimpse at the development process. Lately, they have been releasing videos showing off 3D platforming mechanics they are developing in Unity as they prepare for NS Doujin Spirit and future games. However, it is their latest video that is of real interest to us today.

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Wilde Life Pulls Supernatural Support On Kickstarter

Wilde Life Volume One by Pascalle LepasIf you haven’t been reading Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas, a comic about a normal guy renting a haunted house off Craigslist, you are really missing out. In this comic, Oscar, a normal man from Chicago, leaves home and moves into a house in rural Oklahoma. He quickly makes friends with the ghost haunting the house, Sylvia, and a neighborhood teen werewolf with red fur who happens to be named Clifford. The comic follows Oscar’s many misadventures dealing with crazy supernatural entities which occupy the countryside.

I feel that I am seriously undercutting just how much fun this comic is. The humor and action of the comic is well written and illustrated and each character has a distinctive and interesting personality. Pascalle has been writing and publishing Wilde Life for a year and a half and has completed three chapters of the story and is currently publishing the fourth online.

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