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Oklahoma Game Development Posts

Rivals: Masters of the Deep Open For Pre-Orders; Graphic Novel Coming Soon

Rivals: Masters of the DeepBack in November, the table top game Rivals: Masters of the Deep met and exceeded its funding goal of $40,000, having raised $53,157. The game is now deep into the development stage. In their latest project update, they show off some great concept artwork for the game as well as providing some exciting announcements.

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XPO Lines Up Tramell Isaac Of Boss Key Studios For Keynote

XPO Gaming ConferenceXPO Gaming Convention will be happening this year. While it took a couple of years to get everything ready, they are well on their way to put on a great convention. To that end, they have announced their Keynote speaker. Tramell Isaac, art director of Boss Key Studios, is given top billing at the event.

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Zems Online Card Game Greenlit On Steam, Seeks Support On Patreon

Zems by Impulse LimitedLast year, Zems, an online collectible card game developed by Impulse Limited, held a public alpha and a Kickstarter. While the Kickstarter did not meet its goal of $40,000, only raising a little over $6,000, its alpha and promotions managed to helped it gain a sizable following in the community. So it is exciting to see the latest developments.

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Local Card Game Designer Runs Kickstarter For Local Barn Raising

Barn Raiser By Bow Tie GamesFor quite some time, Aaron Frias has been making custom card games and launching them on Kickstarter. He has done it under his own name, Geym Theori, and now Bow Tie Games. He has had a number of successful game campaigns and is now putting that track record to do some good for the community.

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Untold Legacy Is A Zelda Inspired Adventure From Iconic Games

Untold Legacy by Iconic GamesOver the last few months, I have been following Iconic Games. They have been working on their latest game The Untold Legacy, a Zelda inspired action-adventure RPG. This game promises a whole lot of interesting features for fans of the action-adventure genre. While the game is still in early development, it looks great and promising.

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A New Year Brings New Goals And Resolutions For Oklahoma’s Game Dev Community

Happy New Year From Oklahoma Game DevelopmentAs we look back at the year 2015, We see a lot of great things happening for Oklahoma game developers. We had a number of successful tabletop game Kickstarters and quite a few games hit Steam and other platforms. This year was all about the developers and they games they make. So let’s review.

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