From Soy Sauce has been hard at work on their latest game, Touhou Super Smash. This game, if the title is not clear, is a combination of Super Smash Bros. gameplay with the Touhou IP. As part of this development, FSS has begun a regular YouTube devlog of progress on the game. So far they have released 7 updates showing off basic move sets brought from SSB as well as a few original move sets.

Even if you have no clue what Touhou is, and I am still pretty foggy on it, this is still a fascinating inside look at a game’s development from concept to finished product. And if you want to see further into their development process, FSS has also been posting two other video series, one about Unity tips and another about using Maya.

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Every Monday, We link to the crowdfunding pages of games from Oklahoma developers and other interesting crowdfunding projects from Oklahomans. Music, comics, table-top games and more. If it might be of interest to gamers and game developers we will show them off.

After two weeks off with no campaigns, we are back with two new campaigns.

Here is the primary list of crowdfunding campaigns:

8-Bit Swordsman by John Bryan. 8-bit Swordsman is a retro Zelda inspired table top game in which 2-4 players compete with one another using attacks and counters inspired by the original NES Zelda game. Bryan is seeking $5,500 and has raised $130 with 23 days left.

Overdrive Road Rally by Summit Interactive. Overdrive is a racing game with similar elements to Mario Kart and other racing games. It features a wide array of real life vehicles and off road driving action. Summit is seeking $15,000 and has raised $5 with 24 days left.

That’s it for this week. We hope to see the progress of these and to see more come out.

Now You See Me is the latest game from Oklahoma based game designer Josh Maggard. With the help of Dan Konves, Josh made a great little magician game for the Game Boy Jam 3.

The game features a magician with a magic hat that allows him to teleport from place to place. Think Portal for how it functions. The Magician then uses that hat to rob people of their money while they are away.

Josh and his team were only able to complete two levels of the game during the jam, but are already working on more levels and some improvements to the core gameplay.

You can play Now You See Me on Game Jolt.

XPO Video Gaming Convention October 2015Oklahoma has a number of conventions throughout the year, comics, technology, anime, and even some gaming. Now we have a new contender in the gaming convention sector, XPO. XPO held a press event today to announce the first ever XPO Video Gaming Convention happening in October of 2015. XPO plans to be a massive regional gaming convention that will attract the attention of local indie developers as well as multinational console and game development companies.

From small independents to global publishing brands, XPO will showcase and celebrate the gaming industry and the players who love it. Everyone will have the opportunity to network, present their latest achievements and maybe discover the next big independent developer, Streaming personality or biggest fan! Come and enjoy a few days and remember why you love this industry.

Partnering with XPO for the announcement, Tulsa based Bonozo Apps president Matt Harmon expressed his support for XPO and his hope that it will be a major draw for game developers. Matt was also kind enough to record and upload the press event for all of us.

This is an exciting prospect for Oklahoma. While the state will continue to host the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition and the Retro Gamer hosted Super! Bitcon, this will be the first Oklahoma hosted event that will rival events like PAX.

We certainly look forward to learning more about XPO and who they can attract as vendors and panelists for the event next year.

Casino RPG by Goldfire StudiosGoldfire Studios continues to do its best to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to find and play its hit game Casino RPG. To that end, Goldfire has launched Casino RPG on Desura. This allows anyone who uses the Desura client to launch the game directly from their computer rather than having to launch the game through their browser.

I gave the game and Desura client a quick go and it all seemed rather seamless and responsive. With the game being free of charge for Desura users, it looks like it will be a great way for Goldfire to attract a lot of new players.

If Goldfire keeps this up, they will have a much larger game on their hands. Best of luck.

Glass Wing by From Soy Sauce

Earlier this year, From Soy Sauce released the excellent platformer adventure game Glass Wing to the world. Now they are trying to get Glass Wing onto Steam via the Greenlight process. If there is any game I could pick from Oklahoma developers to be put in front of all of Steams users, I would probably pick this one.

While the Steam Greenlight landscape will be changing in the future, it is still an important part of getting indie game developers seen by many Steam users. And it already shows in Glass Wing’s case. So far the game has 76 comments at this time and almost all of them are positive. Continue Reading

Amazing Mazes by Divine Knight GamingDivine Knight Gaming’s most recent entry in their One Game A Month challenge is taking them into the realm of Game Boy game design. Divine Knight is taking part in the Game Boy Jam and wanted to test the waters before diving right into Game Boy territory. The resulting game is Amazing Mazes.

Amazing Mazes is a bit of a return to simpler fare for Divine Knight. After the ambitious Alex’s Meadow RPG, something simple helped cleanse their creative palette. The premise is a simpel one. Navigate the maze and find the flag. There is a timer that keeps track of your current and best time for each of the four mazes. Continue Reading

crowdfunding Indiegogo Kickstarter

Every Monday, We link to the crowdfunding pages of games from Oklahoma developers and other interesting crowdfunding projects from Oklahomans. Music, comics, table-top games and more. If it might be of interest to gamers and game developers we will show them off.

Here is the primary list of crowdfunding campaigns:

Funding Canceled:

Ninja Hunt by John Bryan. Ninja Hunt is a single or multiplayer card game in which players attack each other with Ninja themed cards and dice. John is looking to bring this game to the public and is seeking to raise $500 and canceled the campaign after raising only $76.

Funding Failed:

Demon’s Hex Cross Platform Collectible Token Game by Divine Knight Gaming. This campaign is for an online collectible token game playable across web, mobile and Ouya platforms. They are seeking $10,000. With less than 2 days left on the campaign and having only raised $126 we are writing this campaign off.

I haven’t found any other interesting campaigns to list here. So if nothing changes, next week will be a bit empty. If you know of any that I have missed, or any that involve people in Oklahoma that aren’t labeled as such, let me know.


Ale's Meadow RPG by Divine KnightDivine Knight has been working on a one game a month challenge this year. So far, they have successfully completed a game every month, except the month of May. For their June game, they decided to tackle a really ambitious project, an RPG. The result is Alex’s Meadow RPG.

While it is not a full fledged RPG, there is no leveling or stats to build, it still plays like one as it has turn based combat, and a fantasy setting. The game features four playable character classes each with its own ability to help you as you fight the various monsters in the game.

The most unique aspect of this entry is the fact that the lead developer’s son, Alex, designed the world in which the game takes place. Continue Reading

House of the Lost by F5 GamesI am a sucker for my Ouya. I backed it when it was on Kickstarter and love it every time I pick up a controller to play. There are so many great games on it and I never seem to run out of something new and interesting to try. So imagine my excitement when I learned that F5 Games, out of Tulsa, were releasing their rogue-like game House of the Lost on the Ouya.

I had played HotL a couple of times on my phone but never really could get into it because of the touch screen controls. They were a bit unwieldy for me. I could never make it through more than a couple of rooms. So when I learned about the Ouya version, I just had to try it out with a controller.

To give you an idea of what HotL is like, it is what is considered a rogue-like game. These are games that feature often brutal difficulty, randomized levels and perma-death. HotL features both perma-death and brutal difficulty and slightly randomized levels. Each level has a bunch of different predefined layouts but the game randomly picks which one you play.

I picked up HotL on Monday night and have played it every night since. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am getting much better at it. I have probably played every incarnation of level one there is, but have only been to level 2 a couple of times. I did manage to make it to level 2′s boss at one point, just to be fried with a laser beam almost immediately. So I have not experienced the full game yet but one of these days, I might just be able to. Continue Reading