SpheroidAs promised, From Soy Sauce has launch US based purchasing for Spheroid. In the latest, and according to the video, the last video update of Spheroid, Spheroid is now available to buy if you are based in the US.The game is available on the dlsite for $11.19. There is also a link to download the trial version of the game which includes 10 of the 36 levels in the game. So if you missed out on backing the IndieGogo campaign, purchasing now is a great way to help these young developers begin work on their next game Difference.


SpheroidBack in November, we wrote about the ending of Spheroid’s crowdfunding campaign and what From Soy Sauce plans to do to finish the game. They promised to complete the game and posted regular updates as well. So it is pretty exciting to see that the game has finally been released, at least for Japanese gamers at the moment.

In a video update, From Soy Sauce shows off the trailer for the completed game and provides a link to where you can buy Spheroid. They are promising an English link soon. Continue Reading

Graveyard Defense by Divine Knight GamingContinuing on their quest to make 12 games in 12 months, Divine Knight Gaming released the second game in the series. For February, they released Graveyard Defense, a simple actiony game taking place in a graveyard.

The game plays with the player, portrayed by a paladin type soldier, standing among four graves from which endless waves of undead spawn. The player must then use the arrow keys on their keyboard to battle them. Eventually the player will be overwhelmed by the monsters and they will die. Continue Reading

Saga, CrushedIt’s always possible for any gamer to find their flow, that inner state that lulls them into a meditative-like trance as they play. But this is often a side-product they discover inside the hurricane of gameplay, displays, and control functions rather than it being an intentional creation of the game’s design. Yet instead of having the player discover or carve out a meditative state within the game, programmer and game developer Kevin Harris encourages and facilitates one by designed intent.

The browser based game, Saga, Crushed was his recent entry for this past January’s Global Game Jam and Candy Jam. As part of the 2014 Global Game Jam’s theme of “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”, it was created from beginning to end across three days and inside the span of 48 hours. Meanwhile, as part of Candy Jam it was entered among a larger game development community protest against the considered abusive trademark practices recently performed by the game development company King. Continue Reading

SpheroidIn my near daily romp through the popular crowdfunding site IndieGogo, I had the pleasure of running across a game being produced by a trio of brothers in between college courses. These brothers, Ken, Kuni and Saijee Higuchi, make up the team known as From Soy Sauce. Together they are working on their latest game Spheroid a retro game inspired by Metroid, Bionicle and Beast Wars.

They have announced Spheroid on IndieGogo with the intent to raise $7,500 in order to buy better equipment and commission a number of assets to enhance the game, such as quality music and voice acting. Along with the announcement, their trailer has a lot of game footage that shows off the fighting, transformations and other gameplay elements of the game. Continue Reading

Casino RPG Public Beta

Today is the day to get in on the hot casino action if you were not part of the limited Kickstarter backed closed beta of Oklahoma’s own Casino RPG by GoldFire Studios. This public launch means an end to game data resets and a preservation of the hard work you put into building your own casino empire. In an email message sent out today they lay out the announcement.

We are excited to announce that CasinoRPG is now in open beta and there will be no more resets! Over a year of development and closed beta testing has gone into this release, and we are really proud of the results.

In case you forgot, CasinoRPG is a massively multiplayer online game that merges role-playing, tycoon and city-building with casino games like poker, blackjack and slots. Like all of our games, CasinoRPG can be played for free right from your browser. Continue Reading

A Wasted LifeOver the weekend, A Wasted Life, the zombie survival game created by Robert Dishong, failed to reach its funding goal of $5,000 on Kickstarter. The game looked interesting but failed to garner a large enough base of support in order to be fully funded.

In a recent update to Facebook, Robert has explained that A Wasted Life will have to be put on hiatus until further notice.

Bad news, AWL is on hiatus until I can gather a team to help me with this project. It’s too hard to do alone, takes too much of my personal time, and without help I would just end up frustrated and scrapping it altogether. But I’m not going to do that. I will return to AWL when I feel I can give it the care and work it deserves. Continue Reading

Time War by Josh Maggard for Ludum Dare 27

Game Jams happen all over the world on a regular basis. Some big, some small and others span the world by taking advantage of the world wide web. One such game jam is Ludum Dare. This competition/game jam requires potential developers to pick a theme for the competition and then challenges them to build a full game for the competition in 48 hours. Thousands participate and few complete.

Here at Oklahoma Game developers, we are lucky to know of one such finisher of the Ludum Dare 27 Game Jam, Josh Maggard of Lionsteel Games. He took advantage of this game jam to expand on his experience as a game developer and test his mettle as a game developer. His effort was well rewarded. The comments in response to his entry are extremely positive. Pretty much everyone who played it loved it. I loved playing it, although I kind of sucked at it.

We asked Josh some questions about his experience and what others can expect from participating in future game jams.  Continue Reading

StellarBrink Logo

Last week we reported that StellarBrink creator Daniel Kole had cancelled his Kickstarter campaign in order to refocus it and its rewards. This was done in anticipation of a revamped campaign that better fit the new focus of the game as a primarily single player/multiplayer game. It was expected that he would create a new Kickstarter campaign. In an announcement on the StellarBrink’s website and to Kickstarter backers, Kole stated that he will instead be focusing on the current IndieGoGo campaign.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for me, as I’ve wrestled with some decisions about how best to fund Stellarbrink and give it the brightest future possible. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately the Kickstarter campaign had to be cancelled to update rewards. During this time, while working to reorganize the project, I took another look at

The Indiegogo has 23 days remaining and is a flex funding campaign. This means anything pledged DOES go straight to the development of the game, and it positions me, and the game, for success. I hope that now that I have settled on a set course of action, and feel confident in that choice, that we can push the IGG campaign to success and bring Stellarbrink to reality. I have lowered the cost of several of the reward tiers, to encourage people to stay with the project and be part of the journey with me.

The IndieGoGo campaign has made some ground over the weekend, more than doubling the amount pledged in just a few days before this announcement. We hope that StellarBrink can be a success. So please pledge to get this game completed.

StellarBrink Logo

In an announcement sent to Kickstarter backers today, StellarBrink creator Daniel Kole has announced the cancellation of the current Kickstarter. In the update, he notes the changing of the game from an MMO to a single player/multiplayer experience. With that change, some of the reward tiers no longer applied.

Thank you for your support for Stellarbrink! I am writing today to let you know that I have cancelled the current Kickstarter, in order to revamp all of the reward tiers, making them even better and more enjoyable to you. In it’s earlier life, Stellarbrink was envisioned as an MMO, but I have since decided to alter that course, and go with a fuller and more feature-packed singleplayer/multiplayer experience. For this reason the in game credits being offered to you have become obsolete, and I wish to offer you gifts that will be relevant and worth your hard-earned cash.

While this is a setback in getting this game funded, it is not the end. He does have a new Kickstarter campaign in the works with completely revamped reward tiers to match the change in direction for the game. Continue Reading